Let Me Introduce You To “My Blogroll”

If you’ve read our About page, you know Jerry and I are gamers. World of Warcraft provided my first introduction to blogs. At its peak, the MMO had over 12 million players (i.e. lots of writers), and I subscribed to 150-200+ blogs. All of the blogs I followed had one thing in common. They had a Blogroll, a list of links to other blogs that the writer enjoyed. That community blogging spirit stayed with me over the years, and I wanted to share the ideal on our Food and Brew Review site.

You may already read these blogs. Most have been around for several years. However they were new to me when we started our blog in January. We’ve always had a blogroll on Food and Brew Review, but this week I was energized to write this article and bring that list to your attention. I’ve been following Competition Dining - Fire in the Triad. It’s a series of 15 Iron Chef style dinners where two chefs from local restaurants battle each evening using a secret NC ingredient, and attendees get to be the judge. I was reading their twitter posts during Tuesday’s competition when suddenly I was stunned to see a Greensboro food blogger mentioned that I hadn’t been following. How could I possibly not have known about this blog since she had been writing for several years?! Not only did this blogger write restaurant reviews, they also did movie reviews. For me, that’s like having your favorite ice cream and getting to add hot fudge plus whipped cream on top. In case there are others out there in the dark as I was…Without further ado, may I present to you my blogroll.

A Foodie Stays Fit – Although I am more Richard Simmons Sweatin’ To the Oldies than Teri’s 6.5 mile runs, I enjoy her frequent posts. Her lifestyle blog is motivational and inspiring. You’ll find articles on exercise, healthy foods and products she’s found, menus, and recipes.

Chris Eats Greensboro – Chris features Greensboro restaurant reviews. His blog hasn’t been very active so far in 2014. I hope to see more articles from him soon.

Cuisine and Screen – Amanda reviews restaurants in the Triad, and she does movie reviews (bonus!).

Local Dish – To quote the site, people can post pictures and talk about food and beverages they have had at local W-S restaurants and bars. If you are interested in being a contributor to this blog, e-mail localdishws@gmail.com.

Nik Snacks – Chef Nikki writes about her life as a professional chef and foodie, restaurant trends, and everything culinary.

Southern as Biscuits – You’ll find food competitions, recipes and several creative topics in between on Kristi’s blog.

Triad Taster – Kevin’s blog features restaurant reviews and recipes for the “everyman”, keeping it simple with none of the pretense.

Triadfoodies – This blog emphasizes local restaurants, Dishcrawl events, and local product reviews.

Zac Rates the Universe – Zac’s Greensboro based blog covers Triad restaurant reviews along with movie reviews.

NC Triad Beer – Aaron’s articles on package stores, breweries, and beer dinners along with his beer calendar promote NC Craft beer in the Triad.

My blogroll includes other writers located outside of the Triad. I hope you can use those resources when planning a day trip, weekend getaway or vacation to Charlotte, the Mountains, the Triangle or the Coast. The list is by no means complete. I will continue to add links and update this article as I find other bloggers sharing their love of local food and NC craft beer. If you have a favorite blogger in NC who reviews local restaurants, breweries or brewpubs that’s not on my blogroll, please let me know so I can add them. I also plan to do a “Welcome to the Blogging Community” article quarterly to introduce you to new bloggers and ‘new to me’ bloggers. Happy reading and happy eating! Cheers!