The Tribe Has Spoken: Westtown Restaurant

On Thursday night, we headed over to Westtown Restaurant to have dinner out with my parents. Westtown is a casual, family restaurant. You will usually run into someone you know from the community while you are there. The seating is a mixture of booths and table tops. Several tables were put together for parties of eight. After taking a quick glance at the pasta special on the board, we were seated promptly. Everyone ordered water, and the waitress brought our drinks out quickly. Our orders were taken as soon as we were ready.

Baby Flounder and Popcorn Shrimp with slaw, broccoli casserole, hushpuppies

Baby Flounder and Popcorn Shrimp with slaw, broccoli casserole, hushpuppies

I had the Baby Flounder & Shrimp ($7.99). It came with French fries or baked potato, slaw and hushpuppies. You can substitute any side from their selection, so I opted to try the broccoli casserole instead of the starch. The hushpuppies were deep fried a golden brown, with a crunchy outside, and a tender cornmeal center. The platter had four pieces of fried baby flounder. It was fall-apart tender, lightly salted but a little greasy. The cocktail sauce for the popcorn shrimp was unlike what I am used to as it contained pickle relish. It was good, more of a sweet & tangy taste. The broccoli casserole contained large florets, a cheese topping, and a white sauce throughout. I prefer a sharper cheese sauce than what was used in the casserole. It tasted like a over floured white béchamel sauce. The slaw had finely grated cabbage, bits of carrot and a light mayonnaise dressing. It didn’t have a vinegar tang to it if you prefer a milder type of slaw.

Pan-fried Chicken Livers with Rice

Pan-fried Chicken Livers with Rice

Jerry ordered the Pan-fried Chicken Livers with Rice ($4.99). He had a tossed salad and mashed potatoes & gravy as his two sides. The salad was brought out straightaway with a basket of crackers. It had iceberg lettuce, tomato, cucumber, and shredded cheddar cheese with a creamy blue cheese dressing on the side. Our entrees took a little longer than expected to come out of the kitchen. Mom and Jerry have both eaten at Westtown for lunch, and they commented that the food arrived much faster during their other visits. The dozen or so livers were crunchy, slightly darker than golden brown, and served over rice with mushrooms. The mashed potatoes were too runny, and we questioned if they were homemade. The brown gravy had a heavy unpleasant meat taste. When Jerry and Mom had the potatoes on a previous lunch visit, they were thick, homemade and covered with gravy they enjoyed.

Country Style Steak with mashed potatoes and gravy, green beans, cornbread

Country Style Steak with mashed potatoes and gravy, green beans, cornbread

Dad and Mom both had the Country Style Steak ($6.45). The regular size came with two pieces of steak. The senior/small portion would have been plenty. The steak was tender, had a taste and consistency similar to that of a Salisbury steak, and was covered with the same gravy as the potatoes. Mom had the mashed potatoes and banana pudding as her sides and a soft roll with butter. The homemade banana pudding had lots of softened vanilla wafers and sliced bananas. We all agreed that it was the best side of the evening. Dad had the mashed potatoes and green beans for his sides along with a piece of cornbread. The green beans were seasoned and cooked ‘Southern tender’. Dad said the cornbread & butter were very good.

The waitress refilled our waters throughout the evening. Mine was never more than half empty. Our total bill before tip was $27.48. Friends of my parents from church stopped by to say hello and mentioned a rib-eye steak & baked potato special on Friday nights. That sounds like a good reason to me for us to return.

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