Practically Perfect In Every Way: Mary’s Gourmet Diner

On Saturday, Jerry and I braved the rain and headed downtown to Mary’s Gourmet Diner for brunch. Fortunately we were able to park on the street very close to the restaurant, so it wasn’t a far trek in the weather. The host quickly seated us upon arrival. Our waitress came by right away, took our drink order of two waters, and pointed out the daily specials. The room had eclectic art on the walls, and jazz music was playing in the background. The tables had jelly, sugar, and sweeteners already on them.

Lemon-Thyme French Toast

Lemon-Thyme French Toast

As soon as we knew what we wanted, the waitress took our order. I had one of the brunch specials of the day, the Lemon-Thyme French Toast that is offered until they run out of it. It was made with Three Sister’s Artisan Bakery’s freshly baked lemon thyme brioche, french toasted, topped with a house-made lemon curd, and garnished with whipped cream ($11.95). I added a side of bacon ($2.75). The food arrived promptly, and mine looked almost too good to eat. It had four ½ slices of the thick lemony brioche that was toasted golden. The bread was topped with a rich, creamy, tart lemon curd. The french toast was bordered on each side by a light and perfectly sweetened whipped cream. There were three crisp slices of bacon, exactly the way I like it.

Home Fry Scramble with country ham, Swiss cheese, and mushrooms

Home Fry Scramble with country ham, Swiss cheese, and mushrooms

Jerry had the Home Fry Scramble. You can choose any three items to be scrambled into their hand-cut home fries, served with two eggs any style and your choice of bread ($10.50). Jerry chose the country ham, Swiss cheese, and mushrooms for his scramble, over-medium eggs, and sourdough toast. The server does check to see if you want your bread toasted. There is an upcharge for some of their items ($1.25 for the country ham and $1.05 for the sourdough bread). The menu is labeled with a symbol next to any item with an upcharge. His two eggs were exactly over-medium, with a faint taste of butter, and light salt & pepper. The skin-on red bliss potatoes were pan-fried golden brown with a generous amount of sliced fresh mushrooms, julienned country ham, and Swiss cheese. There were four slices of warm sourdough bread, slightly crunchy from toasting with a pat of butter refrigerator cold that warmed up quickly for spreading. When they asked if we needed any sauces, I requested Sriracha because I wanted to try some on his potato scramble. The scramble tasted great on its own without the sauce too.

The waitress stopped by throughout our meal to refill our drinks and see if we needed anything else. The total bill before tip was $29.36. Additionally the restaurant uses several NC products like the bread in my french toast, Krankies coffee, Ward’s Happy chicken eggs, and others. Mary’s Gourmet Diner is the ideal pick for a relaxing weekend brunch. No one rushed us, and our glasses were never empty.

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